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Dr Pam with Friends consists of a growing circle of friends who bring music to life by wholeheartedly playing what we love: mid-century party music of a wide variety. While centered on boogie woogie, jazz, classic rock’n’roll, and blues, our repertoire is also sprinkled with bits of ska, country, rockabilly and the occasional ballad. Big or small, rowdy or intimate, we play at all kinds of dance events, private parties, festivals, weddings, museums – you name it. The composition of the band varies from show to show with at least five, but more often six or seven members present, and typically includes additional guest appearances by some of the many friends of Dr Pams ever expanding musical entourage. One thing that doesn’t vary from show to show however, and which makes this band a true gem, is our unique display of a disarmingly genuine passion for coming together and playing the music we love.

Current lineup

Dr Pam with Friends consists of:
Pontus Olsson (Dr Pam), Piano
Karoline Pettersson, Vocals, Clarinet, Percussion
Peter Markowski, Drums, Percussion
Moa Karlberg/Johan Olsen, Double Bass
Daniel Gahrton, Saxophone(s), Flute, Clarinet
Niklas Carlson, Trumpet, Vocals
Albin Axelsson/Robin Eriksson, Guitar


The band originated already in 2010 as a solo project of Pontus Olsson – Dr Pam, then a mere Mr Pam – playing boogie woogie piano for dancers at the legendary dance club Chicago in Stockholm. Soon after, Peter Markowski joined in on bongo drums and they formed the duo Mr Pam and Bongo Jude. In 2013, Johan Olsen turned the duo into a trio with his double bass while Peter expanded the percussion to a full drum kit. With a momentum building, the band expanded further in 2015 – turning into Dr Pam with Friends – with Karoline Pettersson on vocals and later Niklas Carlsson on cornet. The following year Robin Eriksson joined on guitar and Moa Karlberg became a regular stand-in for Johan on bass while Karoline picked up the clarinet and Niklas switched to trumpet and joined in on the vocals. In 2019, Albin Axelsson became the primary guitarist of the band and Daniel Gahrton joined with his arsenal of saxophones and clarinets, expanding the official lineup of the band to a septet.

Short bio in Swedish here.